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hi!  I’m Amber.. a 30-something year old wife to my firefighter hero and best friend in the whole wide world + a mama to my four littles. as a registered dietitian, I recently left a job I’ve known for over 10 years and was promoted to “MAMA”.. with no pay, no benefits and zero vacation. but alas, I have started the greatest adventure of my life in becoming a stay at home mom to Jolie + Parker (4 years), Baker Bree (2 years), and Brady (6 months).

I started blogging 9 years ago.. with no real rhyme or reason to my content, but it naturally fell into documenting our life as a newly married couple.. basically I shared what we did on the weekends and nothing much else.  eventually we began trying to become pregnant and struggled with infertility for an incredibly lonely 4 years (read our story HERE!) before finally being blessed with not only one babe, but TWO babies! I scoured the internet for information about twin pregnancy and becoming a new mom to two babies at once.  there was very little out there about it at all.. so I decided to start documenting my own journey.

after another bout with infertility after the twins, we finally welcomed our rainbow baby, Baker Bree earth side. after losing two angels before her, she came at the most vulnerable time in my journey as a mother. Baker is one special girl + I will forever be thankful for the blessing she continues to be in our life.

..and last but not least.  our sweet Brady Jordan.  named after his daddy, we never thought that such a perfect little BOY was in the cards for our family. he surprised us all when the giant balloon burst and a sea of BLUE confetti floated into the fall air. my entire pregnancy we had decided that our baby boy was the perfect ‘caboose’ to completing our family of six, but after his arrival it very quickly became a reality that indeed we were not done.

you guys.  I just need like 4 more of him.


I never knew what an amazing community would form simply because of what I have shared here on this corner of web space. over the years my blog has grown + changed with the shape that I have molded into myself. my blog has been called a handful of different names, ebbed and flowed in consistency and covered the bases from a young married gal to new mama of twins.. to welcoming a third and most recently a fourth new babe into the mix- all wrapped up into 12 years of marriage. life can be messy and hard and obnoxious and in the midst of my own chaos I share my stories in hopes to offer encouragement or advice to those in similar seasons of life.. ultimately bringing some sense of relief that “you are not alone.”

this is our place to share life with four babes – Costco snacking, doll house playing, Disney movie watching, and spending way too much time at Target.  I never went to Target before I had children..

so glad you’ve found our blog + the little window into our world. grab a cup of coffee to read + stay awhile!