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ten days under

February 9, 2018

its been 10 days since I’ve felt ‘well‘ and almost 2 weeks since everyone in the house was feeling ‘great’. seeing your kids sick is the most heartbreaking thing on the planet. I think this is officially the first “family takedown” ever.. all 6 of us were overcome with the flu (Flu A is what Parker initially tested positive for) and all 6 of us have secondary sicknesses…

WE EAT | Kidfresh Foods

January 30, 2018

this post is sponsored by Kidfresh Foods; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. food and what I’m feeding my kids is probably among…

five on Friday

January 26, 2018

one. a visit to the rheumatologistkicking off this week’s 5 on Friday with some good news for our Jolie Grace. we went to the rheumatologist on…

Brady Jordan | 10 months

January 25, 2018

well folks. we’re in double digits!!  10 months, you came awfully quick! letter board //  tee // cardigan WHATS NEW mama uses daddy’s hair product in this…

weekend snapshots

January 22, 2018

its Monday, friends! I am sitting here after scarfing my breakfast, Justin Timberlake playlist on pandora, and my second cup of coffee is brewing. I woke…